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Welcome to Ad2pedia.
We are a dynamic and innovative digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital world. In today’s fast-paced and interconnected society, having a strong online presence is essential for success. That’s where we come in.

At Ad2pedia, we specialize in leveraging the power of digital platforms to drive growth, increase brand visibility, and connect businesses with their target audience. Our team of skilled professionals is passionate about crafting tailored strategies that deliver measurable results and exceed our clients’ expectations


We are the fastest growing performance marketing company in India. We connect our premium advertisers and affiliates thorough CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, CPC, CPV,CPM across all verticals including news, travel, finance, jobs, eCommerce, automobile, entertainment, sports and more.


Increase app installs, in-app sales, retention, and ROI with our data-driven and performance-based mobile marketing. Get high-quality traffic from our global affiliates to boost conversion and post-install performance. We offer the most cost-effective solutions to acquire more customers and meet all your campaign goals.


Be it Tiktok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, We are experts in the best practices of Social Media and know-how to maximize the budget of our advertisers. With the use of thought-provoking designs, content, and video in our ad campaigns, we reach, engage and convert millions of potential prospects into loyal customers.


A global massive directory of online ad space, ensuring your online ads reach the maximum number of targeted customers. We offer customized media buying solutions at a competitive price to meet all the needs of your business. Our media buying strategies include fine-tune targeting, goals analysis, dedicated support, and optimization.


User acquisition and monetization are key aspects of a successful business strategy. Acquiring new users involves attracting and engaging potential customers through various marketing channels. Monetization focuses on generating revenue from those users, whether through subscriptions, in-app purchases, or advertising. Effective user acquisition and monetization strategies ensure sustained growth and profitability for businesses.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool for reaching customers directly on their mobile phones. With a 98% open rate and instant delivery, it offers an effective way to promote products, send offers, and engage with a targeted audience. Personalized messages, timely notifications, and opt-in options make SMS marketing a valuable addition to any marketing strategy.

Solution for Advertisers

Our team of experts ensures to drive the best results to our advertisers. 


Experience a boost in user acquisition and retention as we strategically navigate the digital landscape, channeling in-app traffic towards your app’s success.


Supercharge your return on investment (ROI) with our strategic expertise and data-driven approach, unlocking untapped potential for your business.


Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge optimization strategies, ensuring your website, campaigns, and digital assets are finely optimized for optimal results and long-term success.


Gain a strategic advantage with a dedicated account manager who will be your trusted partner, providing personalized attention and tailored solutions to drive your digital goals.

Solution for Publishers

We prioritize your satisfaction and success by fostering strong relationships with publishers, leveraging their expertise, and optimizing every aspect to create a seamless and impactful client experience.We prioritize your satisfaction and success by fostering strong relationships with publishers, leveraging their expertise, and optimizing every aspect to create a seamless and impactful client experience.


Take your affiliate marketing game to the next level with our exclusive campaign for publishers, delivering premium offers, dedicated support, and exceptional commission rates for a truly lucrative partnership.


We believe in a foundation of trust through data transparency, ensuring that our clients have full visibility into the metrics, insights, and analytics that drive their digital marketing campaigns.


With our meticulous reporting and validation practices, we ensure accuracy and reliability in every aspect of our data analysis, giving you a clear understanding of the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time assistance, receiving prompt responses, personalized recommendations, and hands-on support to keep your digital marketing efforts on track and optimized for success.

A Glimpse of our success journey…

Discover our impressive portfolio showcasing our digital prowess and success stories, demonstrating our ability to deliver exceptional results

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Project Name

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Transform your digital footprint into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

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